New Comedy Gaijatra 2074 | Jerry Bachan | Babita Baniya Jerry


Anusha Digital Pvt Ltd Present’s

Gaijatra Comedy Song “JERRY BACHAN”


More Details About This Comedy Gaijatra Song

Song Title : Jerry Bachan

Vocal : Babita Baniya

Production and Distribution : Anusha Digital Pvt Ltd

Direction : Smirti Timilsina “Guruaama”

Camera : Harish Mahara

Editing : Sudhan Basnet

Video Made by : Guru Aaama Flims


Gai is cow and Jatra is Procession (Festival). Gai Jatra festival, the procession of cows, generally falls in the month of Bhadra, which correspond to English calendar months of August/September.

This year Gai Jatra is on August 30, 2017. That is on Bhadra 13, 2074 BS.

The festival of cows is one of the most popular festivals in Nepal. It is said people in ancient time started worshiping Yamaraj,”the god of death” on this day.

However, the modern form of celebration of Gai Jatra came into existence in the medieval period of Nepal during the reign of Malla Kings. The present form of Gai Jatra with humorous acts, parody, comedy and was started by then King of Kathmandu Pratap Malla. He made Rani Pokhari (Pond) in the heart of Kathmandu and build a temple in the middle of the same pond.

Traditionally every family who had death in the family during the preceding year must participate in a procession through the streets of Kathmandu leading a cow.

If a cow is unavailable then a young kids dressed as cow is considered a fair substitute. However, there started tradition of leading a cow with kids in funny costumes.



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