Nepali comedy Khas Khus 55 – Full Episode


Here is a new 55 episode of Khaskhus. Khas Khus is a Nepali popular comedy video’s web series which was published in youtube online on Aama Agni Kumari Media channel of YouTube. As we now the he lead actor of the show is played by the well known popular Nepali comedians and the directors of this show Kedar Ghimire which was known as “Magne Buda” and Wilson Bikram Rai (Takme Budo). 

The show started on 2 November 2015, and the new episode of the show is uploaded on every Thursday on Youtube. After showing some episode in Youtube they started to broadcast it in Nepal Television but again they are close broadcasting in NTV and started broadcast it in Youtube channel.

Khaskhus is a comedy show which shows the story of the life in village, and what the villager does in their daily life.  Takme Budo, the retired soldier who got the VC in World War while fighting with Japan, he is a very talkative man, and he always like to tell people how he got his VC and what he did in military, he mostly tell them the fake stories which are mostly very funny. Now he is playing as Hakim Sab, the richest man in the village, who always like to say “hudaina, hudaina” which means “no, no”. Even though he is rich, he is miser old man who think a lot even when he has to spend very little amount of money. 

In this 55th episode they are showing the vegetable business related story. In this episode Takme is also selling his vegetable but Mana Maadsaab use technical and chemicals in his vegetable and make big changes and weighty vegetables but Takme has done agriculture with traditional technique. He earn less money than Mana Maadsaab. He became angry. Watch happen happen after that by clicking in the video given below.

Kedar Ghimire played as Mangne Budo, which is his all-time most popular role, he also play another role as well. All the other actors has their own unique and funny role as well. Story gives you the new moral message in every episode.


Kedar Ghimire as Mangne Budo 

Wilson Bikram Rai as Takme Budo and Hakim Sab 

Sandesh Lamichane as Batare 

Kancho Sunita Gautam as Muiya 

Niru Khadka as Nirmali/Dambari 

Yaman Shrestha as Mana Maadsaab



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