Bathtub -Tirsana Budhathoki


Unclothed human body is a subject of a nude art. History painting, religious art had a part of these types of nude art paintings. In Nepal when you go to the temple you can see lots of nude statue in temples wall. This type of art is very famous in ancient Nepal. Temple and cave painting are the part of Hindu tradition. Today in western countries we can see many male and female model are doing nude modeling. We can also find some of the videos in YouTube with nude body paintings.

Bathtub -Tirsana Budhathoki

In Nepal, Tirsina Budhathoki is a first female model who have already done body painting, but she is with inner wear. She painted her body against India blockade in Nepal. By painting Nepali flag and Locked key in her body she stand against the blockade created by India on Nepal which is shameful act over landlocked country.

She was born in Dhading with 3 sibblings, one brother and two sisters. She was a student of Bachelor in Art. As a Actress she debuted from the Song Sarab Piuna Jau which was sang by Nepali very popular singer Sworup Raj Acharya. And after doing another Song Aago Salkai Mutu bhitra she was able to be in directors view and started to get offers. She also done The Real Artist, What is love etc movies as a actress.

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She is also taken as a vulgar and bold model of Nepal. She used to publish her videos in YouTube in her own channel. She take some of the videos which was very hot and bold. Her video called Bathtub which was very popular over social media. In this video she started showering in bathtub and slowly she removed her all clothes. She play with flower and with her body party. She spread water over her body. This videos is very hot and glamorous.



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