60 BARSE JAWANI । – New Nepali Short Movie – 2017


This movie is about a romance of old man and a girl. The girl looks like the age of 20 to 25 but the man looks like 40-50. There is no restriction in the age for romance.

A survey has found that quarter of people of over 65 have afraid of doing romance, dating because they think what their children would think about them after knowing that they are doing dating and romance. There is no control over your emotion and physic intimacy according to your age. It’s also said that you never be too old for love. When you listen that old couple romance with a young girl it may sound little odd, but in reality the older people are lot more romantic than the young one.


We as a whole love a decent sentimental motion picture to watch around evening time. Motion pictures for the most part about youthful couples portraying the commonplace scenes on a “kid meets young lady, kid loses young lady, kid gets young lady” sort of a plot line. We make the most of its straightforwardness and now and then we can identify with the characters.

However there are sentimental motion pictures featuring more seasoned individuals that gives more fulfillment than the shallow sentiment youthful couples depict. There is something rousing and captivating about this sort of motion picture. Possibly in light of how it demonstrates a develop point of view of what cherish is, or perhaps on Click Here To Proceed To Youtube link for This movie account of how it demonstrates that cupid is available notwithstanding when you achieve the brilliant age.

Whatever it is, sentimental motion pictures including more seasoned characters are warm and captivating to watch.



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