Animal’s Behaviors are unpredictable- Some Funny Behaviors of Animal


In this world human and animals existed together. The relationship between the humans and animals have some positive and negative parts. Rather than human animals plays vital role in the life of Humans. Human are using animals from the ancient period. As the human is the superior being because of the intelligence, we the human are dominating every animals in the earth. Human knows that we the living things depend in once each other but after knowing that we are exploiting them.

As we know animals are used by the humans for food, clothes etc. Animals can speak but they can’t speak in our language and they also cannot understand our language. So they can’t show their feelings, pain to humans.we the intelligent human, one who should understand their pain.

Animal’s Behaviors are unpredictable- Some Funny Behaviors of Animal


We the humans not only killing them we are also making them homeless. We are killing and eating pet animals and we are making homeless wild animals by observing their forest. We are cutting forest everyday. This also cause enviromental issues. Zoo is the another inhuman behaviour. The animals are trapped into the cages which makes them angry inside the cages and if they got the chance and mistakenly if humans get inside the cage they tear off their body in anger.

Here we are going to talk about a behaviours of animals that suprise us. No body can’t tell that the animals can be funny. When the dog chase their tails and goes round and round it looks funny, when the elephant take it’s trunk to the girl private parts it’s look funny. When you search youtube for monkey behavior you can find a monkey playing with girl boo. This thing happens sometimes. It depends on the mood of the animals.



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