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NK TV is another Youtube channel where you can find a large number of short Nepali movies. This movie “feeling” is all about feeling of a handicapped man who lives in a house as a servant.  One day the owner’s daughter take him to the waterfall to bath. The man cannot speak and listen. He goes with her. In the way she ask him that she loves him very much. She bath in front of him and after finishing bathing they return. When they are returning in the way she again ask him that she loves him very much. Do you marry me ?? First he deny her propose but after that he say yes.


Love is a truly intense medication. When you feel it, you truly feel it. It can suspend time, making the entire world appear to be still aside from both of you.

Feeling – New Nepali Short Movie – NK TV

It encourages you more than any support; you feel full within the sight of affection.

Yet, there’s an immense distinction amongst adoration and genuine romance. Genuine romance knows no profundity. It’s an unending passage that breadths you up in the tornado and you’re never entirely free from it. It remains with you. What’s more, you trust this individual will as well.

Genuine romance isn’t customary. It doesn’t come around regularly and that is the manner by which you’ll know it’s certified.

… .Or, you know, you could read this rundown and discover for yourself. Here are the 21 signs you are really enamored with your accomplice:

1. You see something and as opposed to intuition how upbeat it makes you, you consider how cheerful it would make them.

2. You feel more at home with them than you’ve at any point felt in all your years. Notwithstanding when you were 7 and had all the squishy toys on the planet.

3. You wind up singing Macy Gray at different circumstances for the duration of the day.

4. You can get full scale distraught or discouraged or upbeat or whatever it is that you are before them. Also, you know it won’t change how they feel about you.

5. Persistence: It doesn’t make a difference to what extent it takes for them to comprehend something, you appreciate investing the energy instructing or gaining from them.

6. You have the alternative to wear your go-to furnish, yet at the same time take an additional five minutes to prepare.

7. You live for their idiosyncrasies. You cherish that they take up the whole move floor when they break a move. You adore that you can’t share dinners since they despise chicken. You adore that they will examine superstars like they’re your genuine companions. You’d much preferably have them be odd than any other person.

8. Despite everything you head toward their place regardless of how late during the evening it is and how tired you feel. It’s constantly justified, despite all the trouble.

9. You don’t want other individuals. Yes, you may discover some of them appealing, yet no piece of you needs them.

10. Their bliss implies more than your own. Video Link 



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