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Free Call To Any Mobile and Landline for Free -Call+

Your dream of calling your friends and family in their cellphone for free is now reality. The mobile app called Call+ made it possible to make calls on land line and mobile phone for free in 85 countries. Unlimited calling to anyone to the US continental and landlines in medico, china and Brazil is for free. About 85 countries including India you can call any landline and mobile phones for free. When you search in google play store and apple’s playstore you can find many apps similar to this apps but when you know the feature of free calling on landline and mobiles to more than 85 contries you surely install Call+ app to your mobile. If you thinking that this app is also like viber, fb messenger, imo which have to install in both side mobile device for calling, you are wrong. This apps doesn’t need to installed in another side mobile phone to call free. If you installed this app in your mobile you can call directly to mobile phone number and landline numbers.

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Yeah! in this app there is also some limitations like you have to earn free days of service to make called in US and Mexico mobile and landlines. To make free unlimited call to other countries you have to pay 0.99 for full one day.

Call Free to USA, India, Bangladesh, UK, Canada, Mexico, Brazil & more. Talk free every day. Call to USA are free for everyone, add free days of service to call India, Bangladesh, Mexico, Brazil and 85 others countries. Free Calls all around the world, call people free to reals phone in 85 countries completely FREE including USA, India, Bangladesh, UK, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and many others ! • FREE unlimited calls to USA landlines and mobiles • Call people for Free around the world using a day of service • Days of service can be earned for free inside the app or buy at $0.99/day only for unlimited calls ! • Free phone calls to real phone anywhere in the world • Add free days when you want, at any time, not limit of free days you can use • Calls are really free and to reals phone, you can call people for free • Talk free without any limit everyday • Unlimited free talk time to any covered destination.


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Android Apps

Talku || Make Free Unlimited Calls | Apps For IOS and Android

TalkU is a mobile application for iPhone and Android. Using the app, you can make unlimited free phone calls, send free text messages, and instantly share pictures, videos, and your location with friends, family members and other TalkU users. The sound quality on TalkU susually better than the quality of a regular phone call. TalkU can assign a real phone number to you, which can receive calls and texts from anyone. TalkU can also turn your phone into a real Walkie Talkie.

Stop paying for expensive cell minutes and text messages!

Stop wasting your money and time using calling cards for international calls!

TalkU let you make free and cheap phone calls to anyone over WiFi and 3G/4G data networks without using any cell minutes. You can save up to 90% comparing to your phone company.

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What Can i Do With Talku Apps?

  •  Make unlimited free phone calls with superior sound quality
  • Turn your phone into a functional Walkie Talkie. Simply push to talk!
  •  Send unlimited free text messages
  •  Instantly share pictures, videos, and your location with contacts
  •  Free group conference calls
  • Create group chats with up to hundreds participants
  • Seamless Facebook integration. Make free calls and send messages to Facebook friends
  • Call any landline or mobile phone numbers in over 200 countries with super low rates
  • Get a real phone number that can receive calls and texts from anyone

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