Jungle Ma Mangal । New Nepali Short Movie


Ghas Kaatna Jaada is a short movie about a village daily life. Going to cut grass is a English translation of this short movie title. In country Nepal numerous families keep goats and bison on the off chance that they can bear the cost of it, for their own particular utilize. There are few fences and fields, as we probably am aware them in western nations, to contain the creatures, and the more country villagers tell stories of “tigers” leaving the wilderness and taking their creatures, so the creatures should be viewed. On the off chance that individuals from a family are caught up with amid the day, at work and school, there is nobody to go about as shepherd while these creatures brush.


Jungle Ma Mangal । New Nepali Short Movie

Rather the creatures remain tied up in the cowshed by the house and feed is accommodated them. Somebody from the family must go out ‘cutting grass’ at a young hour in the morning, to bring back nourishment for the creatures before leaving for work.

While remaining at my partner Suchana’s home for the celebration of Teej we were permitted to join the grass cutting group, which was a significant training in itself.

Cutting is finished with a sharp ‘aashi’, a little grass shearer like blade that numerous provincial individuals wear on a belt round their midriff.

Father honed the aashi on a level stone close to the house, that had clearly been utilized for this reason for a long time.

The chopping group climbed down the slope porches to achieve a well developed green place to cut. I think they thought us peculiar to need to go along with them, however they were glad to demonstrate to us generally accepted methods to do this work.

With five individuals cutting, ( I was for the most part taking photographs), the work was soon done and the cut grass was heaped up into substantial packs.

Suchana demonstrated to us proper methodologies to wind long grasses together to make a straightforward rope which was then used to entwine the package.

Suchana stacked the packs onto her back and conveyed the heap up the slope for the wild ox and goats to crunch amid the day.

I have met a few female instructors who day by day have this task to finish, before going to class. They leave the town into the close-by farmland, cut grass and leaves from feed trees, and tie it into a heap. They at that point return home conveying the heap on their backs. These heaps are overwhelming – I couldn’t lift one that I attempted, in spite of the fact that a lady conceivably as old as me and substantially littler was conveying it.

This is unquestionably not a vocation I would have needed to do before my school day!


Here is a new Short movie posted in Youtube by Coolent Tv.



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