GARNA AAYENA – New Nepali Short Movie – 2017


This is a comedy based short movie published by Coolen TV in Youtube. In this video we can see 2 man and one girl. The girl is married with the girl but the girl is romancing with  her boy friend. When she is doing physical relationship with his lover her husband come. He lover is saying how to do, at that time her husband replied that i will teach you and he does something with him. This is a very funny video.

Getting immersed in a comic drama demonstrate is the most ideal approach to disregard tomorrow’s stresses. It might sound stunning, however when you watch a comic drama demonstrate that brings out healthy snickers you experience circumstances with a positive mood. Demonstrates that can make you chuckle have demonstrated to ease and relieve stretch. In the event that you watch a comic drama demonstrate consistently you will acknowledge you feel light and blissful toward the finish of each scene.

You can be guaranteed you’ll get serene rest when you lay in bed with a grin instead of a glare. We’re acquainted with the axiom “Chuckling is the best pharmaceutical”, yet do we consider it important. You every day measurements of chuckling empowers you to manage things in crisp point of view. Try not to get dependent on TV, yet ensure you save thirty minutes every night to watch a satire appear. The restored vitality that you acquire from snickers is advantageous for a sound way of life.

People go to various goals for conferences with customers. Tense minutes about business situations can demolish your meeting with customers. Viewing a comic drama show or tuning in to a satire appear on radio causes you dispose of the underlying nerves before a critical meeting. Business firms and workplaces ensure they liven up the temperament of representatives at work by displaying diverse parody appears regularly. Comic drama appears at a work environment can ease tense minutes and result in positive contributions from representatives. The availabilities for most satire demonstrates disclosed in various parts of the world are at night, as viewership is most astounding amid these hours.



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