Malai Jhai Pida – Devi Gharti & Yogesh Chand Ft. Ranjita Gurung & Bimal


Most of the lok singers are busy these days to sing a song of Teej Festival. After singing 2/3 teej song Devi Gharti Published her new lok dohori song called “Malai Jhai Pida”. In this song she is trying to say that there is no one in this world having pain like her. This song is about love tragedy. After separating two love couples because of society, even they love each other they think the have a big pain in there life. This song is also telling these things. Singer of this song is telling that they will meat after their death in heaven if it is not possible in this world. This is a human nature of thinking that there is nothing bigger pain than their pain.

  • “Love hurts, love scars,
  • love wounds and marrs any heart
  • not tough or strong enough to take a lot of pain,
  • take a lot of pain…”
  • “Love Hurts”

written by Boudleaux Bryant

The lyrics of this song is written by Shanti Thapa and Sarita Kandel Chhantyal. This video song is produced and distributed by Bhawana Music Solution Pvt Ltd. In this song we can see veyr popular Nepali model, dancer, actors Ranjita and Bimal Adhikari.


Bhawana Music Solution Pvt LTd Presnet’s

 Yogesth Chand’s First Lok Dohori Folk Song “Malai Jhai Pida”


Mobile Ringback Tone Code For This Song

 PRBT : 70145613 and Smart : 70113142


More Details About This Song

Song Title : Malai Jhai PIda

Vocal : Devi Gharti and Yogesh Chand

Lyrics and Music : Shanti Thapa and Sarita Kandel Chhantyal

Production and Distribution : Bhawana Music Solution Pvt LTd

Acting : Bimal and Ranjita

Direction : Bikram Chohan

Camera : Bashu Baral

Editing : Milan B.K.

Video Made by : B. Star Filims Pvt LTd



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