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TOP Android Best Photo Editing Apps -2018

The smart phone is slowly replacing the computer with it’s features. Today you don’t need Powerful PC, Photoshop to edit, add text, add effects, replace background on photos, it can be done with smartphone or tablet. Now the mobile company like oppo, which was selected as a best camera mobile and with Google pixel camera apps we can take great pictures. Here we are taking some apps from play store that we think they are best and can be downloaded for free from google play store.

Android Best Photo Editing Apps -2017

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo editor tool launched by Google few years ago. Now it’s turned into one of the best photo editing apps for android platform. It is a raw photo editor which enhance photographs greatly. In this app you can find one touch enhance tools and different sliders to tune the images. In this apps you can find filters. It is a powerful photo editing apps. And the great news is that this is completely free.


With a variety of unrivaled features with extension called MRRW and 4PNTs, this apps is on the go photo edition tool for Smart Phones. SKRWT is a Apps Stores Best Apps of 2014. It can craft your photographs and enchane it in just a few steps. Lens distortions for shots taken with adapters, DLSRs, drone camera and it also correct the horizental and vertical lines. If you are a lover of a quality and pleasing photograph, this SKRWT is only for you.


Pixlr is a another great photo editing apps by AutoDesk. It is also known as a Pixlr Express. With cosmetic editing tools (eg. Blemish Remover and teeth Whitners), it is one of the best one touch photo enchance tool what we found in Google Play store. It can be downloaded for free , it has paid version also. There are tones of features and tools that you can use to make your phtos best.

4. Pixlr-o-matic

Free on google play Pixlr-o-matic is one of the most popular photo editing apps. There are plenty of editing option like contract, exposure, lightning effect and lot more. This android apps allows you to take photos from the gallery and add effects and overlays.

5. Cymera- Camera and Photo Editor

Cymera with more than 200 million downloads world wide, cymera is a powerful photo editing tool for your smart Phone. It has lots of effects , it can creates college photos and add hundred of filters to your photos, add sticker, remove and add backgrounds of your photos. You can take photos with the camear and also edit photos taken by other camera. A stunning art effect with color splash function is a great feature.


If you are a lover of a blur background effect, this apps is for you. With tons of stickers, filters and with option of creating colleges this app is also one of the powerful photo editing app. Some standard features including in this apps are color balancing, picture enchacement, cropping and brightness adjustment. Drawing in photos and adding text and sharing on Social Networking option is also available in this apps.


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Android Apps

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