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Vibe Rom For Micromax A240 / Wiko Darkside

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Wiko Darkside is a clone Device of Micromax A240. Micromax is a Indian Electronic Company. Micromax a240 is also called Doodle 2. Which comes with android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. There is a 16GB internal memory where you have 13gb available with 1GB of RAM. This is a budget mobile with 13MP Camera and Secondary with 5 Mega Pixel. This is dual sim mobile.

It is a upgraded version of original canvas doodle which is completely different to previous doodle in term of specification and design. The phone is packed with 2600mAh non removable battery. In this mobile a stylus is also available with packaging.

Lets leave it and talks about a vibe rom. There are lots of rom for Micromax a240. There is also unofficial Miui Rom available but this rom is very best. I am saying this because i have tested many rom in this mobile. I have also this mobile and i found this Vibe rom best for a240. This vibe rom is based on Lenovo s920 Os.

See some screenshots of Vibe Rom :

Let See How to Flash this rom to your Mobile

Follow This steps

  1. Download Rom
  2.  Put Into Internal Sd Card
  3.  Go To CWM Recovery
  4.  Take Backup
  5. Wipe Data, Factory Reset
  6.  From Advance menu Do Dalvik cache Clear
  7.  Go in mount and storage select format system
  8.  Select install from sd card and flash
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Custom Rom

Flyme 6.0 Rom Custom ROM for Mi Max Hydrogen and Helium

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Meizu Mobile Company of China is a developer of Flyme os, which is customized version of Android. Recently they have launched their Flyme os 6 version. Flyme is beautiful by design which is really drew us into it’s OS. Some of its key features which are completely redesigned apps with performance optimization and one handed usability. The Flymes 1.0 version based on Android 4 was released on 2012, Flyme 2 on 2012 and now we are on Flyme 6 currently. The latest version of flyme os is now under public beta version.

What is Custom ROM ??

The term ROM, which remains for Read Only Memory and truly has next to no to do with what a custom Android ROM really is, can be befuddling. A custom Android ROM alludes to a telephone’s firmware, in view of Google’s Android stage. Android is open source and accordingly any engineer can alter the code, recompile it, and re-discharge for a wide assortment of gadgets. Clients can introduce ROMs to change a gadget’s appearance and conduct. ROMs are produced by the Android people group, intermittently by a gathering of center engineers who do this absolutely out of enthusiasm for modding. This implies most are totally free. Custom ROMs are accessible for telephones, tablets, media players, keen watches and any kind of gadget running Android.

When you purchase your Android gadget, it accompanies what we call a “stock ROM” or the “stock firmware”. This alludes to the preinstalled working framework. This ROM for the most part has constrained usefulness as characterized by the telephone’s producer. By blazing a custom ROM, you can open additional elements and here and there enhance the execution.

Glimmering a ROM is simple and on the off chance that you take after guidelines, you scarcely need to recognize what you’re doing… and I scarcely need companions! It’s been 17 days since somebody messaged me. You should realize that on the off chance that you accomplish something erroneously while blazing a ROM, you chance rendering your telephone inoperable. This is uncommon however can happen on the off chance that you aren’t cautious, and it’s called “bricking”.

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