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New Teej Song 2075 | Tala Tala Talkine – Chandra Sharma & Sharada Sapkota Ft. Ramji Khand & Anjali

New Nepali Song Video 2018/2075 “Tala Tala Talkine” By Chandra Sharma & Sharada Sapkota only on Music Nepal official YouTube channel.

Right for this video is provided by Melody Nepal Pvt.Ltd.

Nepali Teej Song – Tala Tala Talkine
Singer – Chandra Sharma & Sharada Sapkota
Lyrics – Khem Century
Music – Khem Century
Artists – Ramji Khand, Prakash Saput, Anjali Adhikari & Karishma Dhakal
Editor – Bishnu Sharma
Camera – Rajesh Ghimire
Arranger – Keshav Badu
Director – Prakash Bhatta

New Teej Song 2075 | Tala Tala Talkine – Chandra Sharma & Sharada Sapkota Ft. Ramji Khand & Anjali

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eej, short for Hartalika Teej, is the fasting celebration of ladies in Nepal. It ordinarily happens in Nepali Bhadra month (August to September in Solar Calendar) and goes on for three days. Teej Puja is especially held at Pashupatinath to recognize the get-together of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. Amid Teej Festival, Nepalese ladies will dress in their excellent red saris, quick to respect Lord Shiva and appeal to God for an upbeat marriage.

Teej Festival in Nepal

On this specific day, the boulevards of Kathmandu have transformed into an ocean of red with ladies dressing in delightful saris.

It’s a celebration for Nepali Hindu ladies, which is additionally celebrated in some piece of India. With a specific end goal to secure the customary culture, the legislature of Nepal has made Teej Festival as a national occasion. Nepali Teej Festival 2016 has been commended on September fourth. With respect to Teej Festival this year, if you don’t mind don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for additionally counseling.

Foundation of Teej Festival, Nepali Women’s Day

Long time back, the ruler of Himalaya had a delightful little girl named Parvati, who was exceptionally keen and profoundly appreciated the Hindu God of Destruction and Creation, Shiva. In any case, the ruler chose to wed Parvati to the well off Vishnu. With the help of her companions, Parvati effectively got away from the house and covered up in the thick woodland. From that point on, she drove a parsimonious life. After hearing this, Shiva was so shocked and chose to test her genuineness. He masked as the rich Vishnu and rode an exquisite carriage to see Parvati, attempting to draw her to wed him. Be that as it may, Parvati still stayed unaffected. Shiva was so inspired by her assurance and uncovered his character. Finally, Parvati understood her fantasy and wedded Shiva. Attributable to her companions’ assistance, Parvati could dispose of the masterminded marriage. She was extremely thankful to them and held a gathering to commend this glad closure. This is the inception of Teej Festival.

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BARIMA GARNA SIKAUDA – New Nepali Short Movie -2018

Here is a new short educational movie called Sikaudai. This movie is about a Swamsewika who give education in remote village about health and family planning. The girl goes home to home to give education and she also distribute the media of family plannings. She also gives medicine. This is a lesson giving short movie published by kalinchowkdigital pvt ltd in YouTube.

BARIMA GARNA SIKAUDA – New Nepali Short Movie -2018

Set up in 1959, the Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN) first joined IPPF in 1960 and turn into a full Member Association in 1969. When it was set up, the possibility of family arranging was viewed as antagonistic to religious, social and social standards. With the establishment of an administration Maternal and Child Health Division in 1969, FPAN started to supplement and supplement the national wellbeing and populace programs.


Target populaces incorporate infusing drug clients (IDUs), lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans-sexual and intersex (LGBTI) people, individuals living with HIV (PLHIV), survivors of sex based brutality (GBV) and trafficked returnees and evacuees. FPAN serves these populaces through a broad system of 2,750 administration focuses, involving 127 static centers, 116 portable offices, 184 related facilities, 543 different offices, and more than 2,000 group based wholesalers/administrations (CBDs/CBSs).

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Key zones of accentuation incorporate young people’s sexual and conceptive wellbeing, HIV and AIDS aversion and treatment, safe premature birth, backing for sexual and regenerative wellbeing and rights (SRHR), the counteractive action of sex based savagery (GBV) and support for its casualties, and the advancement of access to sexual and regenerative wellbeing (SRH) data and administrations to minimized and under-served gatherings.

With the devoted sponsorship of 450 full-time proficient staff, 1000 group advocates, 4000 associate instructors and 11,000 grassroots volunteers, FPAN has the ability to activate on a vast scale, and with the help of more than 20 legislative divisions, non-administrative associations (NGOs) and establishments, it has a safe financing base to keep up and grow its far reaching system of exercises.

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